Major BPS Update To Version 3.0

Solving the hard 9x9 puzzles at made me realise I had to bring out a major update of my solver. The program encountered a lot of troubles while solving these puzzles.

Here an overview of the changes I made in this new version:

  • Major update of the guess and validate function:
    • Full survey of the puzzle before making a guess: making a good choice avoids long computations.
    • Enhanced validation after each solving stage to avoid a corrupt puzzle and unnecessary operations.
    • Fixes a bug concerning resetting and transposing the puzzle (caused changes to the original puzzle).
  • Extended the function that calculates a set's rank.
  • Overall update of the solving sequence:
    • Higher rank for the guess and validate function was necessary to solve very difficult puzzles.
    • Made the guess and validate function in accordance with the other functions in the solving sequence.
  • Level of recursion is printed in the console.
  • Made the find pairs function in accordance with the other solving stages: row-operations instead of column-operations.

Some of these hard puzzles are really difficult! Guesses have to be made in an very early stage. Try it yourself!

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