New DIGI-C Version:

Today I finished the new version of DIGI-C!

This new version has build number The main new feature is the possibility to use bluetooth for exporting files.
Here is an overview of all the changes:

  • Use bluetooth to export files.
  • Changes in the way to export files: files are not immediate exported but are first collected. Possibility to chose between SD-card or bluetooth to export files.
  • Better verification if a SD-card is inserted before exporting to SD-card.
  • The list of users starts at the top.
  • The virtual keyboard appears and disappears appropriate.
  • When the password is wrong, the field is cleared.
  • Cursor changes while busy.
  • General changes in the display of the settings. New setting: notification on login if there are files to export.
  • Change in the way of logging a new user who immediately buys a consumption card.
  • A bug while increasing the year is repeared.
  • General graphical adaptations.

The program can be downloaded at the DIGI-C page.

Good luck with this brand new version!

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